I'm inspired by all things that lift my soul in that special state where my feet are not touching the ground anymore. This usually happens when I see something full of grace and strenght, combined in equal parts.
In the broad range of projects I've curated, from art direction, to illustration, product design or styling, I've always been seeking the essence of beauty, which for me corresponds to the above synthesis.

Please contact me if you wish to access my full portfolio:

Instagram: Glamnicism

Michelangelo Antonioni, Paolo Caimi, Ciro de Caro, Francesco Fei, Marco Gianfreda, Riccardo Grandi, Andrea Jublin, Simona Lianza, Andrea Linke, Dario Magini, Nic & Sune, Marco Ponti, Luisella Ratiglia, Luigi Spagnol
Milena Canonero, Massimo Cantini Parrini, Nicoletta Ercoli, Janty Yates, Marco Piemontese, Petra Reinhardt
Apnea Film, Atlantis, Biagetti&Partners, BMG, Cineteam, Colorado, Diaviva, Film Master, Frame by Frame, Ganga, Greed, K Events, Koa Film, LDM, Lock and Valentine, Mercurio, Palomar, Publicis, RSG Production, Rubedo Film, Twister, Zelap, Zeta Film
Cult, Fox, Mediaset, Nova, Rai, Sky, Studio Universal, Canal+
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