This is a project I did work on as a costume designer a while ago.
The carachter design and art direction were by Lorenzo Ceccotti, the movie was directed by Marco Pianigiani, with SFX by Frame by Frame. Finalist at Best Event Promo at Europe Promax 2013. 
Even if the movie is so dark, I did create the costumes for every single carachter from head to toe. Diabolik costume itself was such a challenge: based on Lorenzo Ceccotti drawings I followed the whole costume creation, where I had to work side by side with the costume atelier which made the suit. From fabric sampling, to the Diabolik mask 3D printing, I had several weeks of intense workshops with every artist involved. This is definitively one of the projects I've loved the most.
Please see the making of to understand how this took over 3 months to be completed!
Here you cand see more of the art director creative process:
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