L'angolo del cielo
Antonella Buono, costume designer.

This was an ad for promoting a new tv show by Lucio Dalla, italian singer
this is part of the research I did for costumes.
a shot from the fitting. it has been challenging to find sameĀ  (and so particular!) clothing for such different sizes.
I wanted for Emanuela a slightly retro look, to give the promo a sort of cinematic feel, and avoid being tacky.
the choice was obviously challenging for the hairstylist, Grazia Pagura, since Emanuela had very long hair.
almost ready, make up to be applied on the other eye
all set!
The make up artist Elsa Casti
the wonderful make up Ellsa Casti applied on Giulia, was slightly '80 inspired, we wanted a splash of crazy color to be there!
Lucio Dalla lying on the ground, waiting to get in the ambulance
D.O.F. setting lights
lights ready
last adjustments on outfits
ready to shoot, having fun!
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